Urban Gardening on a Budget

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You’ve been scrolling through Pinterest during quarantine and now you’re dying to have your own garden, but you don’t have a yard. If you only have a small area to have plants or vegetables, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your Pinterest-worthy garden. Here’s how you can make the most of your urban, space-saving, garden on a budget.

Seeds Vs. Potted Plants

Did you know that buying plants and flowers from seeds is less expensive than buying a full-grown potted plant? When shopping for your urban garden, consider whether you want to splurge on the already grown plant or if you want to save some money and grow your garden and flowers from seed. Your local garden shop, nursery, or home improvement store should have both seeds and potted plants for you to choose from.

Pro-Tip: Save some green by using seeds from the vegetables and fruits you already eat!

Annuals or Perennials

Another thing to consider when choosing what plants to put in your urban garden is longevity. Plants and flowers that are considered annuals bloom once a year, and then their time is done. Perennials are plants that bloom once a year, but do not die. They re-bloom the following season and remain alive. In the long-run, it is more cost effective to buy perennials that will last longer, however they may be more expensive than annuals. One way to look at this is to consider your garden as an investment.


Look around your place. Chances are, you have old pots, glass bottles, or unique boxes and containers already there for you to use and plant your garden in. This will help you from having to pay for containers and pots at the store that are costly. Using what you already own is also eco-friendly as well as cost effective. Recyclable glass sauce bottles are excellent for propagating plants you already own or growing a new plant from the trimming of another plant.

Pro-Tip: Left over vegetable cans are great for growing herbs in the kitchen.

Now that you have chosen between seeds and potted plants, annuals or perennials, and have found the perfect container, it’s time to talk about placement and functionality of your urban garden.

Save Space

Save some room in your home and on your patio by planting vertically! Ferns are great for hanging from the ceiling, and any vining plant will grow well vertically in a hanging pot. Save room in style!

Pro Tip: Trendy macramé planters are not only beautiful but extremely functional for this room-saving option.

Another option to save room is to use your apartment balcony railing. Use rail planter boxes on your patio’s railing to save room on the ground. This is also a great way to add additional privacy to your patio.

Lastly, put your potted stationary plants that are on the ground onto some rolling carts. Rolling carts for your plants is a great option to move your plants around for optimal sunlight, but also functionality. If you need to move a potted plant to have room for company coming over, don’t tear your back out by picking it up and moving it! Simply roll it to where it needs to go.


If you’re looking for added privacy at your home, plant tall grasses and put them up against the railing of your apartment’s patio fencing. This will add an extra level of privacy and make your patio an outdoor oasis!

Pro-Tip: Most grasses are perennials! Plus, if you use rail planter boxes too, your patio will be über private.

Now, you’re ready to start your urban garden on a budget! When you go out to shop for your plants and supplies, don’t forget to take your Befit Financial Visa® credit card with you, so we can help you while you shop! Happy gardening.




3rd Quarter 2020

Quarterly Vitals - 3rd Quarter 2020

Dear Members,

With summer upon us, it is time to reflect on the past few months with gratitude and appreciation. As a credit union founded by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals, we are deeply thankful for your hard work, your sacrifice, and the way you continuously care for others. Not all superheroes wear capes! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

We would also like to thank our members for being so patient and understanding during the unforeseen circumstances. Your willingness to use our eServices and help keep our team safe during social distancing is very much appreciated.

Lastly, a big thank you to our Befit team for being financial superheroes during this time and for answering the call to serve our members so they may take care of our communities. We wouldn’t be able to achieve that without the collective and individual efforts of each member on this team.

Thank you for everything you do. With gratitude,

Bobbie K Adams, President/CEO

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