Your Year-End Financial Checklist

couple reviewing finances

As the year ends, Santa isn’t the only one who should be making a list and checking it twice. With the holidays taking up most of our attention, sometimes we forget to take stock of some other aspects of our lives. Foremost, we let our finances fall by the wayside. That’s why this year, we’re encouraging […]

A Little Extra Jingle

mother and child looking at christmas tree

The holidays are upon us and Befit is here to put a little extra jingle in your pocket! Get your holiday financed for as little as 5.99% APR*. Embrace a holiday personal loan with a fixed payment and a payoff date, benefits that swiping a store credit card can’t provide. Take the worry out of […]

Marriage and Money: What You Need to Discuss

silhouette of couple feet

Before you tie the knot, it pays to know a few things. Everybody has a different way of managing their finances, and if you and your partner aren’t on the same page, you might find yourself struggling to navigate financial issues when they arise. In fact, an article in the Wall Street Journal notes, “One in […]

The Cost of Raising a Child

family with child learning how to ride a bike

As inflation continues to wreak havoc on the middle and lower socioeconomic classes, many will feel the sting of rising costs in different areas of their lives. Those with children can attest to this fact, as the statistics show that raising a child can cost upward of $310,000.00 from infancy to age 17. This does […]

What is Smishing?

woman on phone

“Smishing” is the New Phishing Look out — there’s a new scam in town! “Smishing” is a scam format that has recently encountered a boost in scammer popularity, and it’s surprisingly sneaky. Keep reading to learn more about smishing and how to keep your information safe! What is Smishing?  Smishing is similar to phishing, but the […]

Time to Make HERstory

woman standing up in jeep with outstretched arms

I bet you’re wondering how I got here. It all started with needing to get out of my apartment, clear my head and hit the road. I knew what I had to do and it was to contact Befit. I have worked with them before and I know they can help me figure out how to […]

Start Saving And Stop Spending

cartoon piggy bank

Credit reports, budgets, goals, and debt can be frightening words and concepts whether you are hearing them for the first time or the hundredth time. They are chilling because they are important in leading a healthy financial lifestyle, but we may not be well-versed in what they mean. Once you become familiar with the world […]

Home Equity Loan vs. HELOC: Which Is Right For You?

Home Equity Loan versus a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) — two financial solutions that sound very similar yet have very different pros, cons, and considerations. So, how do you know which one is right for you? Allow us to give you the breakdown! How are they similar? Home Equity Loans and HELOCs are […]