Befit Visa® Debit Card Rewards

woman shopping with credit card

Befit Visa® Debit Card Rewards

woman shopping paying with a credit card

Our Befit Checking Account includes a free Visa® Debit Card to give you convenience and freedom wherever Visa® is accepted. Instead of using a traditional credit card to make purchases, our debit card lets you pay for what you need, and withdraws the funds right from your checking account.

It’s the easy way to pay!

  • Accepted at millions of merchants, worldwide
  • Access any ATM, including thousands of surcharge-free ATMs.
  • Keep track of every transaction through Online Banker
  • Get cash back at checkout
  • Enroll in Visa® Checkout & Alerts

AND NOW with your Befit Visa® Debit Card you can enjoy thousands of opportunities to get cash back– in some cases even as much as 10% cash back (occasionally even higher) with your new rewards debit card from the most popular national brands.

How it works

  • Register on the Ampre website:
  • Sign into the Ampre site to view offers
  • Use your Befit Visa® Debit Card at participating merchants
  • Receive cash back to account

Note: Cardholder will not see the Ampre offer on their receipt. Cash back will post within one week of the transaction posting to their account.